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Within three months of death:
Send notice of beneficial interest in estate to persons required under Rule 5.6, and file certification of notice with Register of Wills
  Make a pre-payment of Pennsylvania inheritance tax to receive 5% discount, including decedent's name and estate file number on check; postmark date will be considered date of filing; check should be payable to "Register of Wills, Agent"
Within nine months of death:
File Inventory (in duplicate) of probate assets, with memorandum of out-of-state real estate, indicating the fair market value at date of death of each asset. (If an extension of time is obtained for paying the Pennsylvania inheritance tax return, the Inventory need not be filed until that date)
  Unless an extension of time is obtained, file Pennsylvania inheritance tax return with Register of Wills (in duplicate), and pay tax (or the balance of tax due if a prepayment has been made); the check should be payable to "Register of Wills, Agent"
  File federal estate tax return with IRS (if necessary), and file copy with the Register of Wills
Within two years of death:
File Status Report required under Rule 6.12 stating whether estate has been closed, and if not, the progress of the estate administration
Timetable for Estate Settlement