A. General This manual is intended to provide a general overview of the statutes, rules and guidelines for practice and procedure before the Register of Wills of Philadelphia County in the probating of Wills and the granting of Letters of Administration. It also makes mention of the Register's function as inheritance tax agent. This Manual is not intended to be all inclusive. It attempts to address most questions which frequently arise in the probating of Wills and in obtaining Letters of Administration. Unusual situations may occur, and, in some instances, there may be exceptions to the general rules set forth. The Appendix to this Manual contains many of the most commonly used forms and other helpful information.

It is expected that this Manual will be supplemented and updated periodically. In this regard, the practitioner is encouraged to address comments for such purposes to:

Register of Wills
180 City Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19107
    Chair, Rules and Practice Committee
Probate and Trust Law Section
Philadelphia Bar Association
One Reading Center
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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