E. Letters of
"For Suit
Purposes Only"

Where a decedent dies as a result of allegedly tortious conduct, or is otherwise involved in an unresolved cause of action, and no other probate assets requiring administration exist, a petition for Letters of Administration may be filed marked "For Suit Purposes Only," and Letters of Administration may be issued to the person or persons entitled. In addition, an adverse party in a civil action may apply for Letters on the estate of an actual or putative defendant, which will also be designated "For Suit Purposes Only." The administrator still has an obligation to file on a timely basis an Inventory, an Inheritance Tax Return, the Notices of Beneficial Interest and Status Report required under Supreme Court Orphans' Court Rules 5.6 and 6.12, and discussed in Chapters 7 and 8, although there may have been no assets recovered within the time period required for filing such documents.


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