The personal representative or counsel for the estate of each resident decedent is required to file a Status Report with the Register (Supreme Court Orphans' Court Rule 6.12) when the estate administration is concluded, or, if the administration is not completed within two years of the decedent's death, to file a report at that time and annually thereafter until the administration is concluded.

The printed report form (Appendix A, Form No. 6) is available from the Register. There is no charge for the form and no fee for filing the Status Report.

If a Status Report has not been filed in accordance with the rule, the Clerk will issue a notice to the delinquent personal representative and counsel, requesting compliance with the rule within 10 days. If the delinquency continues, the Clerk will inform the Court of the failure to file the report and will also request that a hearing be conducted to determine if sanctions are appropriate.