B. Inheritance Tax

For estates raised in 1980 and after, inheritance tax information can be obtained from the on-line service directly from the Department of Revenue in Room 185, City Hall. A print-out of the information may be obtained by attorneys; however, the request must be made to one of the clerks since the room containing the computer is not accessible to the public. Generally, information appears on the service 12 weeks after the inheritance tax return is filed.

If an estate or trust is in active status with the Department of Revenue, it will also appear on the computer, even if it was opened prior to 1980.

Information may also be obtained from the clerks in the Inheritance Tax Office, Room 177, City Hall. A call can be made by the clerk to the Department of Revenue to ascertain whether a return has been filed. The decedent's social security number, if known, will aid the search.

For inheritance tax information on closed pre-1980 estates, it is necessary to either visit the Archives or request that the file be delivered to Room 180, City Hall.

When no Letters have been granted and a miscellaneous inheritance tax return has been filed, the return is given a miscellaneous number. If the search date is before 1980, there is no index to the miscellaneous tax dockets and they must be manually searched from the year of the decedent's death until the last docket book.

Tax docket books for Wills and administrations are also available in City Hall, Room 177, until approximately 1981; however, missing volumes and the scattered placement of the volumes make these searches difficult.


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