Notice Letter and Certification

Estate of THOMAS MORGAN, SR., Deceased
I certify that on May 31, 2001, I sent notice of the presentation of the foregoing Petition to the persons whose names appear on the copies of the annexed letters, by first-class mail, together with a copy of the Petition.

John K. Trustworthy

  Counsel for Estate
[on attorney letterhead]
May 31, 2001
Mr. John Jones
101 Jennifer Street
Philadelphia, PA 19100
Re: Estate of Thomas Morgan, Sr., Deceased
Dear Mr. Jones:

I enclose a copy of Petition to Fix or Waive Additional Security for the Sale of Premises 1234 Smith Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for the sum of $100,000 to Mary and Susan Stokes, which will be filed with the Clerk of Orphans' Court Division, Room 415 City Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 on June 1, 2001.

If you have any objections to the granting of the prayer of the Petition, you must state them in writing with the Clerk of Orphans' Court within twenty (20) days of June 1, 2001. If you do not file written objections, the Court will assume you have no objections and may grant the prayer of the Petition.

Very truly yours,
John K. Trustworthy

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