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It is with great pleasure that the Probate & Trust Law Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association presents this 2002 edition of "Forms for Use Before the Register of Wills and Orphans' Court Division in Philadelphia," informally referred to as "The Green Book." The purpose of this version, as was the purpose of its predecessors, is to provide those who practice in the Philadelphia Orphans' Court Division with a tool – a good forms book.

This book would not have been possible without the diligent efforts and the dedication of a great many people to whom heartfelt thanks is owed: the hardworking members of the Section's "Green Book" Committee, who wrote the materials presented: Mary Jane Barrett, Susan G. Collins, Kim D. Fetrow, Julia B. Fisher, Kevin P. Gilboy, Leanna J. Harmon, Martha R. Hurt, Steven R. Klammer, George Mathew, John F. Raimondi, Margaret E. W. Sager, Elizabeth D. Shevlin, Nina Booz Stryker and Margaret G. Thompson; the tireless editorial team: George S. Forde, Jr., Eugene H. Gillin and Ralph N. Teeters; and, the patient Chairs of the Section who supported our efforts throughout: Linda A. Fisher, Benjamin R. Neilson, Margaret E. W. Sager, Edmund L. Harvey, Jr. and Norman E. Donoghue, II.

The greatest thanks and appreciation are also extended to our sponsor, Wachovia Wealth Management.

It should be emphasized that the forms included in this volume represent the Committee's view of suggested forms for practice in accordance with the current Court rules and statues which govern our practice. As each case is uniquely different and the rules and statutes are in constant flux, each practitioner should consult the latest rules and statutes and use the materials contained in this volume merely as a guide in shaping pleadings to reflect his or her own case.

  Daphne Goldman, Chair
The "Green Book" Committee
Probate and Trust Law Section
Philadelphia Bar Association