Philadelphia Estate Practitioner Handbook
Blue Book - Register of Wills of Philadelphia County Manual
Table of Contents
  Chapter 1 - Introduction
A - General
B - Offices and Office Hours
C - Jurisdiction
D - Legal Counsel
E - Statute
F - Rules of Court
G - Further References
H - Qualification of Personal Representative and Terminology
  Chapter 2 - Letters Testamentary
A - Probate Procedure
B - Special Problems
  Chapter 3 - Letters of Administration
A - Regular Letters of Administration
B - Letters of Administration c.t.a., d.b.n., and d.b.n.c.t.a.
C - Other Letters of Administration
D - Common Law Spouse
E - Letters of Administration "For Suit Purposes Only"
F - Letters of Administration on Petition of Creditor
  Chapter 4 - Bond - Individual Personal Representatives
A - When Bond Is Not Required
B - When Bond Is Required
  Chapter 5 - Certifications
A - Short Certificates
B - Certified Copy of Letters and Exemplified Copy of Record
Chapter 6 - Inventory
Chapter 7 - Notice of Beneficial Interest
Chapter 8 - Status Report
Chapter 9 - Lodging and Compelling Production of a Will
Chapter 10 - Caveats
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A - Informal Caveat
B - Formal Caveat
C - Caveat Conference and Hearing
  Chapter 11 - Hearings Before the Register
A - Petition for Citation
B - Return Date
C - Practice and Procedure
Chapter 12 - Certification of Record to the Orphans' Court
Chapter 13 - Petition to Revoke Letters
Chapter 14 - Appeals From Decrees of the Register of Wills
Chapter 15 - Foreign Fiduciaries
Chapter 16 - Register as Agent for Department of Revenue
  Chapter 17 - Researching Wills, Probate Records, and Inheritance Tax Records
A - Probate Records for Wills and Administrations
B - Inheritance Tax
C - Foreign Fiduciary Affidavits
  Appendix A
1 - Petition for Grant of Letters
2 - Estate Information Sheet
3 - Oath of Subscribing Witness
4 - Renunciation
5 - Inventory
6 - Status Report
7 - Notice of Beneficial Interest
8 - Certification of Notice
9 - Notice of Appeal
10 - Foreign Fiduciary Interest
  Appendix B
1 - Petition for Citation to Show Cause Why Photocopy of Will Should Not be Probated
2 - Petition for Citation to Show Cause Why Petitioner Should Not be Appointed Administrator
3 - Petition for Leave to Resign as Executor
4 - Petition for Citation to Show Cause Why Petitioner Should Not Be Compelled to Produce the Will of Decedent
5 - Informal Caveat
6 - Formal Caveat
Appendix C - List of Approved Corporate Fiduciaries
Appendix D - Fee Schedule of Register of Wills
Appendix E - List of Helpful Names and Telephone Numbers
Appendix F - Timetable for Estate Settlement
Green Book - Forms for Use Before the Register of Will and the Orphans' Court Division in Philadelphia
Red Book - Practice and Procedure Before the Orphans' Court Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County
Durable Power of Attorney for Banking Transactions and Safe Deposit Box Access
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